Even More Database Power, Easier Administration


In recent weeks, we've rolled out a variety of important new features. As always, these features are driven by requests from our design partners, as we continue to widen the range of sites for which Webvanta is the best solution.

Content Editor Role

One common request was to provide site owners with a simpler control panel that gives them less opportunity to do damage. This restricted admin role is now available on all sites at the Pro and higher service level. Details...

Even More Database Power

We've completed a restructuring of the category, tag, and taxonomy features to make them even more powerful. If you're building a relatively complex site, the new taxonomy capabilities enable you to provide the content editors with a more streamlined experience, since you can use individual taxonomies where appropriate instead of overloading categories for multiple purposes. Details...

We've also made fieldset ordering predictable, and added the ability to sort fieldsets by any field. Details...

Asset Manager Revamp Coming

Next up, you'll see major changes in the asset management aspects of Webvanta. Whether you need to be able to have content editors easily create multiple photo galleries, or are building an extensive intranet site with thousands of assets, we'll have a great solution for you. Look for it by Christmas.

To stay up with new developments, be sure to keep an eye on our New Features forum.

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