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Creating interesting podcasts for web designers is challenging. There’s been a few that I've enjoyed that have come and gone, such as Boagworld, which promises to be reborn next year with a much more focused format. My favorite web design podcast this year has been the Big Web Show, created by Dan Benjamin and Jeffery Zeldman.

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Keep Your Site Agile with a Flexible CMS

The web is a publishing and marketing medium unlike any that has existed before. I would think this would go without saying, except for the attitudes and behaviors we see all the time, which reveal that many site owners don't really get it.

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HTML5: Over-Hyped
or the Next Big Thing?

HTML5 has been receiving an extraordinary amount of attention, thanks in part to active support and promotion by Google, Apple, and Mozilla, among others. Despite its high profile, however, the HTML5 specification isn't even complete, much less officially blessed or broadly supported by browsers, and there are only a few pieces that are of immediate practical value.

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Webvanta's Design Partner Program Expanding

Since launching our Design Partner Program in the spring, we've been steadily bringing new partners on board and adding customization options.

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Online jQuery Conference

In the past few years, jQuery has rapidly risen to become the predominant JavaScript library used by web designers. If you're already using jQuery and want to develop your expertise further, here's an interesting opportunity: On July 12, Carsonified is hosting an online jQuery conference.

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Designing for the Web: The Web Design Vocabulary

Readers of books expect to find a table of contents and page numbers to help them navigate. Viewers of web sites expect to find headers, footers, and persistent navigation. If you don't provide it, you significantly increase the chances visitors will get lost, or frustrated, and give up.

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Webvanta, Radiant, Ruby on Rails, and Open Source

As we've noted in previous posts, we're fans of the hosted CMS approach. There are times, however, when you need a self-hosted system whose code you can modify—especially if you need to add your own server-side logic.

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