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Choosing Where to Draw the Line

Many designers say they’re the most effective when they spend most of their time on design, not implementation. But your clients want working sites, not paintings (i.e., Photoshop files) of them. There’s a lot of technology involved in translating your design into a working, modern web site.

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Opening External Links in Another Window: Evil or Convenience?

When someone clicks a link to an external site, should that link open in a new tab or browser window, or should it replace the contents of the current browser window?

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WordPress Sites Hacked Again; Hosted CMS the Answer?

During the past few days, there has been another batch of WordPress sites getting hacked, this time with malicious code that redirects visitors to the site to a fake virus scan page, which then tries to get the user to download an "anti-virus" program that is, in fact, a virus.

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Webvanta, Radiant, Ruby on Rails, and Open Source

As we've noted in previous posts, we're fans of the hosted CMS approach. There are times, however, when you need a self-hosted system whose code you can modify—especially if you need to add your own server-side logic.

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Should You Use a Hosted CMS?

If you're like most web designers, you may use a hosted service, such as, when you need a quick, simple blog. But when you are building business sites and need full design control, you either build a static site or use a self-hosted CMS, such a downloaded copy of WordPress that you manage. And if you have the budget for a large implementation effort, you may use Drupal, Joomla!, or Expression Engine.

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