New Pricing Plans: Pro Now Includes Unlimited Database!

We've recently adjusted our pricing plans to increase the capabilities of our most popular plan, the $29/month Pro plan. Some highlights of the changes:

  • The Pro plan now includes unlimited item types. No more worrying about whether you may need more than 5 item types — with the Pro plan or higher, you have unrestricted access to all of the database features. Many sites that were on the $49/month Plus plan now fit in the $29/month Pro plan, and we've automatically reduced the price for those sites.
  • The Starter plan ($15/month) no longer includes custom database support. It still includes all our standard item types (blog posts, articles, links, events, and books), but if you need to use custom item types, you should be on the Pro plan. But don't worry about existing sites — we've grandfathered you in to the old pricing for six months, if you've been paying monthly, and until your next renewal, if paying annually.
  • Instead of pricing the membership features as a separate offering and scaling the cost according to the number of members, we're now including the basic membership features in our Plus package, with an unlimited number of members; additional membership features are included in the Pro and Premium packages.
  • The RSS feed importer now supports multiple feeds, depending on which package you select.

As always, the 30-day free trial includes the full Premium plan features. At the end of the trial period, you can choose which plan you want to continue with, based on the features you require.

If, after 30 days, you don't want to convert to a paid plan, you can switch to the "forever free" plan, which provides almost all the features of the Starter plan but does not support use of your own custom domain name.

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