Managed Cloud-Based Hosting

The Right Technology for the Job

Out of the myriad cloud and open source technology choices, which do you choose?

If you are like most managers and academics we work with, you don't want to have to make that choice—you need someone with deep knowledge of the options to guide you.

Many designers, developers, and agencies will steer you to the one technology they work with. Depending on your needs, that might—and might not—be a good solution for you.

We work primarily with three technology stacks:

  • Webvanta Cloud CMS
  • WordPress
  • Ruby on Rails

These three technologies give us a range of solutions to match the diverse needs of our clients.

In all cases, there's a presentation layer above these platforms that is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There's also an infrastructure and management layer below, which in our case is typically Linux servers running at AWS (Amazon Web Services) or WP Engine (a managed WordPress hosting provider).

Webvanta Cloud CMS

The Webvanta Cloud CMS delivers beautiful, functional, powerful websites that require minimal maintenance and are easy for anyone to update.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

Software-as-a-Service for Sophisticated Websites

The Webvanta Cloud CMS combines the simplicity of a fully managed, cloud-based content management system with the power to create sophisticated, database-driven sites. It eliminates all the hassles of keeping your CMS software updated, making sure the files and database are secure, and dealing with the inevitable server issues.

With our Cloud CMS, you focus on your content, and we take care of everything else.

Managed, Custom WordPress Sites

We provide WordPress sites for customers who want to manage their own hosting or have other reasons for preferring WordPress.

Providing reliable WordPress hosting with sustained security is a tough task. We've partnered with WP Engine to provide fully managed WordPress hosting, so you can relax knowing your site is secure.

Ruby on Rails Applications

There's a fuzzy line between a website and web application. Platforms like the Webvanta Cloud CMS and WordPress can take on many application-level tasks, like maintaining member lists and product catalogs.

There comes a point, however, when you're over that line, and what you need is a full-custom web application—not a CMS with some extensions.

For requirements that dictate a custom application, we can provide high-quality Ruby on Rails applications, with AWS servers managed by our partner Engine Yard.

But What About ... ?

We don't have anything against Drupal, Joomla, DNN, Django, or .net (well, there may be one or two exceptions).

We aren't judging them: we just don't need them. To keep our skills sharp in a rapidly changing field with a million options, we focus on these three platforms so we can deliver reliable, high-quality work at reasonable prices.