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Analytics Now Built In to Webvanta Web CMS

Webvanta now includes built-in analytics for all paid sites. Within a day of when your site goes public, you'll see a new tab show up in your control panel, labeled, curiously enough, Analytics. And that's what you'll find there. No setup required.

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Building an E-Commerce Site with Webvanta and FoxyCart

If you want to sell things on your web site, you need a way to accept payments. There's many ways to do this, depending on your needs.

Rather than building payment processing into Webvanta, we've chosen to make it easy to integrate your Webvanta site with a variety of different solutions, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs. We've partnered with FoxyCart to provide an easily customized and nicely streamlined shopping cart and payment processing solution.

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Connecting Database Items Together

Webvanta makes it easy to set up connections between database items of different types.  You can also associate assets (typically images) with any database item.

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Setting Up Site Search

Webvanta has a built-in full-text search engine, which searches all of your database items. This allows you to provide site search with full control over how the results are presented.

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Setting Up Your Email

Because web hosting companies have typically provided email hosting as well, we often get asked about providing email service for the domains whose web sites we host.

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