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Online jQuery Conference

In the past few years, jQuery has rapidly risen to become the predominant JavaScript library used by web designers. If you're already using jQuery and want to develop your expertise further, here's an interesting opportunity: On July 12, Carsonified is hosting an online jQuery conference.

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Hosted Website Content Management: Fast, Easy Deployment

Once you have your site coded, you need to choose how those coded web pages are going to be delivered. The first fork in the road is to choose between static web site and a content management system (CMS).

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From PSD to Website: Top 6 Things to Know

If you're a graphic designer whose background has been mostly in print, there's a few things we can guess about you: You are much more comfortable and productive in Photoshop than in Dreaweaver or other web tools; you feel overwhelmed by all the technology details that assault you when you need to turn your designs into web sites; and more and more, web sites are what your clients are asking for. If this sounds like you, then finding an effective path to turn your designs into quality web sites could significantly advance your career.

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