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Webvanta's Design Partner Program Expanding

Since launching our Design Partner Program in the spring, we've been steadily bringing new partners on board and adding customization options.

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Analytics Now Built In to Webvanta Web CMS

Webvanta now includes built-in analytics for all paid sites. Within a day of when your site goes public, you'll see a new tab show up in your control panel, labeled, curiously enough, Analytics. And that's what you'll find there. No setup required.

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New Features: Private Pages and More

Tonight we deployed a variety of updates to the Webvanta system, including SSL for login pages, support for private pages with a shared password login, 0ptional visitor (member) accounts providing access to selected pages, new "paste" behavior in the WYSIWYG editor, and support for very long content blocks.

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New Pricing for Small Sites: Just $15/month

We've just added a new entry-level price point for Webvanta: $15/month, or $149/year. Designers using Webvanta have told us that, while the mainstream $29 and $49 packages are fine for larger or more complex sites, they'd like to be able to use Webvanta for all their customers.

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Webvanta starter site updated

When you create a new Webvanta site, we start you out with a basic design that you can either modify or replace. For those of you who like to start from our code, we think you'll appreciate the upgrades we've just made.

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New team member: Andrew DesChenes

I am pleased to announce that Andrew DesChenes has joined us as our Support Manager. He'll be there at the other end of the chat and email support, as well as on the phone.

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Coming soon: an entirely rebuilt admin interface

Over the course of two years building Webvanta, the system has evolved a great deal, and we've learned a lot from our talented users. A few months ago, we decided that the time had come to rebuild the user interface.

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Update: Images & Files Multiple Selection Improvements

This week's updates include some behind-the-scenes bug fixes and one significant change in how the Images & Files screen works. You can now use shift-click to select multiple items, and the previous "sticky selection" behavior has been removed.


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An Assortment of Little Fixes

Last night we deployed a variety of small enhancements, including refinements to page cache clearing for moderated comments, bulk deletion of files, comment formatting, and JavaScript compatibility.

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Data Import via CSV Files Now Available

Today we deployed an initial version of a CSV importer, so you can now bring data into your Webvanta site by importing a file.

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