Join Webvanta's Partner Program

Private labeling, wholesale pricing, and priority support

Deliver Great Sites with Ease by Partnering with Webvanta

Webvanta's Partner Program makes it easy for you to use the Webvanta Cloud CMS and our development services to deliver great sites for your clients.

We partner with agencies and marketing consultants, designers, and developers.

Private-Label the Cloud CMS

With our private-label setup, you can make the Cloud CMS your own, with your own branding replacing Webvanta's.

  • Replace the Webvanta logo with your own
  • Set the footer text and help links in the CMS control panel
  • Customize the control panel dashboard and other features
  • Create your own SmartThemes for a one-click starting point with your customized code

Fees and Discounts

There's a $250 fee for setting up your private labeling. Other than that, there's no charge for the Partner Program.

As a partner, you qualify for wholesale pricing on the hosting for any sites you build. Pass the savings on to your clients, or match our retail pricing and generate income from your sites every month.

In addition, we offer quantity discounts as your number of sites increases, starting at 10% for 3 or more sites and increasing to 30% for 100 or more.

Applying for the Partner Program

Just fill out this Partner Application and we'll be in touch soon.