Boosting Site-Building Business by Replacing Aging In-House CMS

Membee provides a SaaS service for membership associations. The system handles membership records, promotions, events, dues, committees, member services, and more.

Many of these associations also need web sites, of course, and Membee can provide that as well. In the past, the company did so using an in-house CMS, but that system was aging and management recognized that they could deliver a better solution by using a partner for the CMS, while focusing internal development resources on the company's core platform.

After evaluating all the options available, Membee chose Webvanta as the system that would provide its clients with the best experience maintaining their sites. We worked with Membee to integrate with their back-end systems, so sites built with Webvanta can delegate user log-in to the Membee system.

We're pleased to report that this transition has been very successful for Membee and it's clients. Read the full story.

We're working with other partners on sites for real-estate agents, attorneys, and other vertical markets. We think there's a big opportunity to streamline the site-building and maintenance process for companies that build and manage lots of websites.

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