Know a Great Non-Profit That Needs Web Help?

The web is an enormously powerful tool for non-profit organizations. But rarely do they have the funds or the expertise to make the most of it.

With a view toward making a big difference for one organization, we are seeking a non-profit to "adopt" for 2011. We're looking for a non-profit that badly needs a new website — an all-too-common situation — and has the ability to reach a lot of people.

The organization we select will receive an all-new site, designed by a top-notch professional designer. Webvanta will also help with email marketing, event registration, and other web-related needs.

We're looking for an organization that:

  • Has a significant amount of content to present
  • Reaches lots of people.
  • Lacks the budget to create a great site on its own
  • Has people to maintain the site's content

Non-profit organizations can apply (or be recommended by a friend of the organization) by completing the non-profit application form.

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Great idea...

From: Ralston Vaz, 12/23/10 07:59 AM

Hey Michael, This is a great idea. It's good to see giving on this scale going on today. I know the door of benefits will sorta swing both ways with this project, but it'll be a great advantage to whatever non-profit is selected. God bless and enjoy Christmas. +Ralston u'budget design