Hasan Luongo Joins Webvanta as Director of Marketing


I'm pleased to announce that Hasan Luongo has joined Webvanta as Director of Marketing. With the imminent launch of Webvanta 2.0, we're going to be significantly increasing our marketing efforts, and Hasan will be leading this charge.

Hasan was most recently the Channel Account Manager and also worked in Key Account Sales for McAfee's web security group.

Before joining McAfee, Hasan was a Business Consultant and Community Manager at E-Myth Worldwide, a company that provides management consulting services to small businesses.

In his spare time, Hasan helps run, a niche online clothing retailer, which he cofounded.

Hasan grew up in the North Bay Area and lives here with his wife, two young kids and dog.

Hasan is also leading our business development efforts, so he's the guy to talk to about partnering with Webvanta.

You can reach Hasan at 888.670.6793 ext. 7, or hasan (at)

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