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Typography on the web is experiencing a renaissance with the widespread support for @font-face and the emergence of web font service bureaus
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New Web Font Services Expand Choices

In my previous post on using real fonts on the web, I highlighted a few web font service bureaus. These services seem to be proliferating like rabbits, and in this post I'll mention a few more.


Using Real Fonts on the Web

In my previous post, I explained how CSS's @font-face tag enables designers to use a wider range of fonts without resorting to font replacement hacks. In this post, I'll explain the actual code and explore some of the services that make it easy to expand your web font repertoire.


Expand Typographic Freedom on the Web

Typography on the web has long suffered in comparison to print. The biggest limitation has been the limited number of fonts that a designer can use. It's still messy, but it is now possible to use a much wider range of fonts.


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