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Webvanta Hosted CMS Demo at BizTechDay

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to give a 5-minute Webvanta demo as part of the BizTechDay conference in San Francisco. It's a challenge to convey the power of Webvanta in such a short demo. I chose to focus on how Webvanta supports any design, and allows the designer to easily build database-driven pages.


Why You Need A Website Content Management System

In this video, Michael Slater, CEO of Webvanta, explains why you should consider using a web cms or website content management system for your next website design project. Key reasons to use a web cms include rich built-in features such as blogs, calendars and photo galleries; ease of updating content; extensibility; and the ability to automate page creation.


Hosted Website Content Management: Fast, Easy Deployment

Once you have your site coded, you need to choose how those coded web pages are going to be delivered. The first fork in the road is to choose between static web site and a content management system (CMS).


Should You Use a Hosted CMS?

If you're like most web designers, you may use a hosted service, such as, when you need a quick, simple blog. But when you are building business sites and need full design control, you either build a static site or use a self-hosted CMS, such a downloaded copy of WordPress that you manage. And if you have the budget for a large implementation effort, you may use Drupal, Joomla!, or Expression Engine.


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