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Webvanta Acquired by Xfive image

Webvanta Acquired by Xfive

I am delighted to announce that Webvanta has new owners, who have a deep commitment to serving all of Webvanta’s customers. We have been through extensive explorations with potential partners, and the company that now owns Webvanta, Xfive.co Pty Ltd., could not be a better match.

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Happy New Year from WordPress image

Happy New Year from WordPress

"Happy New Year" message from Matt Mullenweg, creator of WordPress: My last message to you this year is an importantbut unfortunate one: we've fixed a pretty critical vulnerability inWordPress' core HTML sanitation library, and because this library isused lots of places it's important that everyone update as soon aspossible.

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WordPress Sites Hacked Again; Hosted CMS the Answer? image

WordPress Sites Hacked Again; Hosted CMS the Answer?

During thepast few days, there has been another batch of WordPress sites gettinghacked, this time with malicious code that redirects visitors to thesite to a fake virus scan page, which then tries to get the user todownload an "anti-virus" program that is, in fact, a virus.

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