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Webvanta Acquired by Xfive

I am delighted to announce that Webvanta has new owners, who have a deep commitment to serving all of Webvanta’s customers. We have been through extensive explorations with potential partners, and the company that now owns Webvanta, Pty Ltd., could not be a better match.

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Great Email Marketing Services for Web Designers image

Great Email Marketing Services for Web Designers

Back in July, I wrote about how to choose an email marketing service provider.At the time, there were two companies that looked promisingfor designers who want to resell email marketing services: Campaign Monitor and CakeMail. Both had some serious limitations, but in the last month or so, both have made dramatic improvements.

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Choosing an Email Marketing Service

Choosing anemail service provider (ESP) can be a daunting task, given the largenumber of companies in this market and the subtle variations in theservices they offer. Pricing models also vary widely. It'sessential to start with a plan for what you expect to do.

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Adding an Email List to Your Site image

Adding an Email List to Your Site

Maintainingan email list of customers and prospects is perhaps the most fundamentalof Internet marketing techniques. Whether what is being sent is aperiodic newsletter, a series of tutorials, or customer updates, maintaining an emaillist is a fundamental technique.

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Creating HTML Email That Works image

Creating HTML Email That Works

If you'veever had to create HTML emails, I'm betting you found it to be a messyand confusing process. I know I have.

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