Effective, Compelling Websites for Research Projects & Labs

Every Research Project & Lab Deserves a Site That Shows It Off

You know how important your project's website is. It an essential tool for faculty, staff, students, and donors, in addition to being key to recruiting the best prospective students.

Can your IT project provide you with a great site? Not if it's like most of the projects we've encountered. It's just not a good fit for their skills and priorities.

What about students or staff? Unless you are very lucky, they aren't going to have the requisite skills either, nor can you count on them being around year after year to keep everything running smoothly.

A professional quality site requires a professional team. That's where Webvanta comes in.

The Webvanta Academic Site System (WASS) provides a powerful, turn-key solution for project websites.

With features such as faculty, staff and student profiles, news, and event pages, inquiry forms, and resource databases, users of the Webvanta Academic Site System get a powerful, refined set of features at a very affordable cost.

You might get a design of comparable quality from a local web designer or agency, but it is likely to either fall short in features or be too expensive. And designers and agencies typically don't want to maintain and support sites for the long term.

Achieving Your Goals

We can help your project achieve its goals in many ways:

  • Represent your project in a compelling way, showcasing its people and accomplishments
  • Provide up-to-date course and faculty information for students and staff.
  • Help attract the best students.
  • Reduce staff time and contractor cost for keeping the site updated.
  • Distribute project news and promote project events.
  • Support fundraising activities.
  • Meet IT, security, accessibility, and information privacy requirements.

Easy to Navigate

WASS sites are carefully crafted to be easy for students, prospective students, faculty, and staff to use.

WASS sites work beautifully on phones and tablets, as well as on computers. Information is clearly organized, with consistent navigation, site-wide search, and well-structured content.

Easy to Update

WASS sites are easy for non-technical staff to update, using only a browser, while automatically maintaining the site’s design.

Webvanta manages and hosts WASS sites in its proven, custom-built content management system (CMS), which makes it easy for anyone with an administrator login to update all of the site’s contents. No software or technical knowledge is required.

Beautiful Design

Your website is where the majority of people will form their initial impression of your project. Beauty may only be skin-deep, but when it comes to websites it very strongly influences first impressions.

All WASS sites look professional and polished. Using our low-cost, template-based sites, project staff can easily add images and change colors and typography to customize the site.

With our full-custom option, we start with a blank canvas and build a site that is tuned to your needs in every way. We work with your team to create a visual design and site structure that precisely matches your project’s needs and goals.

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