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Webvanta Acquired by Xfive image

Webvanta Acquired by Xfive

I am delighted to announce that Webvanta has new owners, who have a deep commitment to serving all of Webvanta’s customers. We have been through extensive explorations with potential partners, and the company that now owns Webvanta, Xfive.co Pty Ltd., could not be a better match.

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The Web is 25! What an Amazing Ride image

The Web is 25! What an Amazing Ride

Less than a year ago, the 20th birthday of the web was declared—and now, ten months later, it's the 25th anniversary! What's going on here?

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Happy 20th Birthday Web! image

Happy 20th Birthday Web!

Last week, the global technology community celebrated the Web's 20th birthday. Considering its impact, the Web must rank as one of the most important inventions of all time.

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