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Benefits of SaaS vs. Open-Source Content Management Systems

Open-sourcesoftware has made an enormous impact on the web. From operating systemsto database software, open-source software has been a driving forcebehind the growth of the web. Despiteall the benefits of open-source software, however, its advocates oftenunderestimate its costs and fail to recognize the value of alternatives.For many applications, SaaS solutions—which typically are built upon an open-source foundation but include a substantial layer of proprietary software—better meet users' needs.

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Beyond the Desktop: mobile phone and tablet websites and apps

Unlessyou've been hiding under the proverbial rock, it's no surprise that themobile web has exploded in the past year. It's a huge shift in theInternet landscape, and it changes the rules in a variety of ways. We'veput together a webinar to share some of our experiences creating mobileand table websites and apps. Our goal is to help designers createmulti-platform solutions, making the best of phones, tablets, andcomputers.

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Design for Tablets: Big Phones or Small Desktops or Something Else Entirely?

Some sites that have amobile-optimized version with automatic device-type detection willdeliver the mobile version of the site to iPads and other tablets. Usually,this delivers a poor result. Tablets are better thought of as beinglike desktop browsers with some modest differences, rather than as beingin the same class with mobile phones.

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