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Happy 5th Anniversary, iPhone

Anniversaries, such as last week's 5th anniversary of the introduction of the iPhone, provide a great excuse for retrospection.

Just five years ago, in the pre-iPhone era, the mobile phone world was a very different place. The iPhone triggered a massive, seismic shift in the mobile phone landscape, from carrier-controlled phones with lousy software and pathetic web capabilities to the smartphones we enjoy today.

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Optimizing Your Designs for Humans

In creating a great website or app, you have a diverse set of guidelines and considerations to deal with. Despite the wide variety of issues, opinions, and platforms, there is one underlying constant you can depend on (we hope): the user is a human being.

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Mobile Will Soon Be One-Third of Web Traffic

This is going to be an explosive year for mobile web growth, especially for businesses like restaurants that people are selecting while they are on the go. Mobile traffic is now over 30% for some businesses, and about half of Americans own smartphones.

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Outsmarting Google: an Excellent SEO Book

Among all the web-related disciplines, search engine optimization (SEO) surely has the greatest volume of conflicting information. In a field filled with everything from bad advice, outdated information, and outright scams, it is hard to know what to believe.

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Green Music Center Website Debuts

We recently launched a new site for the Green Music Center, a world-class performing hall on the Sonoma State campus that has been more than a decade in development.

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