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More Than Two Smartphones Shipped for Every PC

More Than Two Smartphones Shipped for Every PC Image

According to Counterpoint Technology Research, 33 million smartphones were shipped in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2014.

To appreciate what an awesome number this is, consider that only 14.3 million PCs were shipped in the same period. That’s more than two smartphones for every PC.

Are these devices being used a lot to browse the web? According to StatCounter’s global stats, about 7% of web traffic in April 2014 came from tablets, while about 24% came from phones. That’s more than 30% of all web traffic coming from touchscreen devices, averaged across all kinds of businesses. For most restaurants, hotels, and entertainment businesses, it is probably above 50%.

Providing a great experience on mobile devices is no longer an option to be considered; it should be the heart of almost all web strategies.

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