Our Process for Delivering Great Websites & Apps



Once the site is ready to deliver, we'll conduct training sessions for you and your staff. We typically do these trainings as web conference, but in-person training is also available in the S.F. Bay Area.


When you've approved the site, it's ready to go live! We can provide instructions for you or your IT staff to make the required change to your domain setup (technically, the DNS settings), or we can do it for you if you provide us with the login information for your domain registrar. If you need a new domain name, or to set up a new email host, we can help with that too.

Maintenance and Evolution

Creating a great website is an ongoing process, not a one-time event, and we're here to work with you. You'll be able to add and modify content yourself. Sometimes, our clients want us to do it for them, and we're glad to help.

In addition, once you and your customers gain some experience with the site, you'll probably have new ideas about changes you'd like to make and features you'd like to add. With Webvanta on your team, you always have access to the resources you need to make such changes.