Our Process for Delivering Great Websites & Apps

Visual Design

Once the site's requirements have been established, it's time to create the visual design.

Your site needs a visual design that is consistent with your branding, conveys your organizations values, and connects with your audience. So we begin with a deep dive into your organization, your customers, and your competitors.

Visual design is critical both for the partly-conscious impression it makes on your visitors, and to make the site easy to use.

Design options

As with every step in our process, we adapt to the needs of each client. Visual design can be approached in several ways:

  • We can provide a complete, full-custom visual design tuned to your precise needs
  • We offer template-based designs for situations in which budgets are very tight
  • We can work with a designer of your choice, either inside or outside your company
  • We can base the design on an existing site

We typically provide two alternative design approaches for you to choose from, and then iterate as needed on the chosen design.