Our Process for Delivering Great Websites & Apps

Discovery and Specification

The first step in any project is for us to understand what you need:

  • The unique requirements of your business or organization
  • Your goals for the website or app
  • What assets you have (such as documents, images, and designs)
  • Any third-party systems (such as for lead capture) the site needs to integrate with.

This phase may include meetings with various stakeholders, research into unique requirements, and comparison with competitive sites.

We then create a written specification, which gives the design and development teams a clear statement of requirements.

Focus on Structure First

The specification focuses on the structure and functions of the site. It includes:

  • The information architecture (how your content is organized and viewed)
  • Key interaction designs (such as navigation, slideshows, tabs, and accordions)
  • Special features required, such as lead capture, store locator, or ecommerce.

The specification gives you a document that serves as the project's foundation. You are free to use it however you want; if appropriate, we will provide a quote for implementation, and you can also use the specification to get alternative quotes. A details specification helps ensure you get an apples-to-apples comparison.