Creating New Sites as a Webvanta Partner

If you are a Webvanta Partner (see for details) and have chosen the Private Label option, you can see a list of all of your clients' sites from your master site control panel, and easily jump into any of them.

In addition, you can replace Webvanta's branding with your own, so your clients see your name every time they edit their site, and you can control several aspects of the control panel on your clients' sites (see Setting Up Private Label Options for details).

Creating New Sites

Once you have your master site set up, you should create all new sites via this site, rather than using the regular sign-up form at

To create a new site, choose Create New Site from the Partner menu. (If you don't have a Partner menu, then your site is not set up as a private-label partner site. Please contact support.)

Enter the company name (for the new site; this is used in the toolbar, the default privacy policy, and a few other places) and the subdomain. The new site will be created at, unless you have set up a custom master domain.

You will receive an activation email for the new site at your master site admin email address. Follow the link in this email to set your password.

Note that user accounts are separate for all sites. So your password for the new site does not have to be the same as your password for the master site.

You can create whatever additional user accounts you need for the new site after you have logged in to that site.

Managing Your Sites

You can view a list of all sites linked to your master site by choosing My Sites from the Partner menu on your master site.

To access any of the sites, hover over the row containing the site name, and click on the icon at the right edge. You will then need to log in to that site (login status for each site is maintained separately).

When you are ready to enable a site to be publicly viewed and assign a domain name, please submit a support ticket.