The Most Powerful Cloud CMS

The ease of a hosted CMS with the power of database-driven content

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The Webvanta Cloud CMS has a wide range of features — all that you expect in a CMS, and many that you may not — delivered as a fully supported, managed service.

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Unlimited Design Freedom

Absolutely Any Page Layout

The Webvanta Cloud CMS puts no constraints on your design

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Use Any User Interface Widget

Use any jQuery plugin, or any other JavaScript library

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Build Mobile-Optimized Sites

Build responsive sites easily by starting with our Bootstrap SmartTheme

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Pain-Free Image Management

The Webvanta Cloud CMS automatically creates custom-sized images for your site

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Make Content Easy to Manage

Custom Databases without Programming

Create any database structure without any back-end coding

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Database Content However You Want

Select any information from the database with 100% safe WebvantaScript

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Interactive Maps and Search-by Distance

Geo-search for a dealer locator, a map of community groups, or a local business directory

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Import and Export Database Content

Import and Export Database Content icon

Import and export from CSV files

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Drive Traffic and Capture Leads

Easy Search Engine Optimization

Easily optimize all aspects of on-site SEO and automated XML sitemaps

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Capture Leads and Track Sources

Store leads in the database, or pass them to a CRM or email marketing system

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Build Custom Forms for any Purpose

Build Custom Forms for any Purpose icon

Create forms optimized for desktop and mobile users, with whatever fields you need

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Create Sophisticated Features Easily

Completely Customizable Blog System

Completely Customizable Blog System icon

Full-featured, SEO-optimized blog built into our SmartThemes can be easily customized

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Flexible Commenting

Allow comments on blog posts or any other database item

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E-Commerce Sites with Optimized Catalogs

E-Commerce Sites with Optimized Catalogs icon

Use a Webvanta product catalog with your choice of ecommerce partners

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Fast, Powerful Site Search

Our powerful site search helps visitors quickly find what they're looking for

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Build Membership and Intranet Sites

Create private pages for Intranets or membership sites

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Create and manage your sites with ease

SmartThemes Kick-Start Your Sites

A huge head start without limiting flexibility

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Respond to Any Domain

Sites respond to all your domain names

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Caching Delivers Painless Performance

Get Static-site performance with database-driven power

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Easy-to-use APIs for accessing back-end features

Access Data with the WebvantaScript API

Access database content and other back-end features

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Sophisticated Features with our JavaScript API

Use our JavaScript API to trigger emails, generate PDFs, and more.

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Send Customers Automatic Emails

Acknowledge form submissions and send automatic updates

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Create PDFs Automatically

Turn your website content into downloadable files

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Customize the system to meet your exact needs

Fine-Tune User Access

Simplify site management with a customized control panel

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Private-Label Customization

Private-label the Webvanta system to show your branding

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Get Custom Integrations

Our expert team can develop whatever third-party integrations you need.

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Rest easy with unsurpassed support and security

Responsive, expert support to help you

Responsive, expert support to help you icon

When you have questions, we're here to help.

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Advanced security - automatically

The Webvanta Cloud CMS is more secure than self-managed open-source software.

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