Databases for Designers

  • Topic:  Databases for Designers
  • Recorded:  January 1, 2011
  • Length:  1 hour
  • Cost:  Free
  • Presented by:  Michael Slater and Andrew DesChenes
  • Who should attend:  Designers and front-end developers

We don't have any scheduled dates for this webinar right now, but you can watch the recording any time.

Databases have been around since the very beginning of the web and yet still remain a point of confusion and hassle for designers. Most designers either avoid sites that require databases or contract the work out to programmers. Yet using a database to manage a site's content has a myriad of advantages, including bulletproof editing, ease of maintenance, and better SEO, and reusability of content.

Webvanta makes databases easy and inexpensive, enabling designers to use them much more frequently and improving the quality and maintainability of their sites. Learn practical use cases and best practices for delivering powerful, database-driven sites for projects big and small.

This webinar will cover:

  • Where to use databases: anyplace you have a repeating structure or reuse of content
  • Use cases: news items, events, resource lists, project profiles, sidebar items, staff bios, press releases
  • Advantages of structured content, include ease of maintenance, content reusability, and instant creation of multiple pages
  • Creating custom item types to match your site's needs
  • Displaying database content, styled how you want it
  • How your clients use the database for foolproof content editing


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