Building Responsive Websites with the Bootstrap 3 Framework

  • Topic:  Building Responsive Websites with the Bootstrap 3 Framework
  • Recorded:  December 4, 2013
  • Length:  1 hour
  • Cost:  Free
  • Presented by:  Michael Slater and Charity Grace Kirk, Webvanta
  • Who should attend:  Web designers and developers

We don't have any scheduled dates for this webinar right now, but you can watch the recording any time.

The Bootstrap HTML/CSS/JavaScript framework, originally created by Twitter, provides an outstanding starting point for building a custom website. It is built to modern HTML5 and CSS3 coding standards; it provides a variety of common user interface widgets; it establishes an attractive baseline for typography; and, best of all, it fully supports responsive designs that perform well on phones and tablets, as well as on desktops.

In this free webinar, Webvanta CEO Michael Slater and senior developer Charity Grace Kirk will explain how the Bootstrap framework works and how to use it as the starting point for your own sites. You'll learn how to deliver modern, responsive websites in far less time than with conventional coding approaches.

Topics they will cover include:

  • Bootstrap's approach to responsive design and mobile support
  • User interface components provided by the Boostrap CSS, including buttons, navigation bars, and responsive images
  • The grid system, and how to use it to create optimized designs for all screen widths
  • How to use Bootstrap's JavaScript library to create tabs, collapsible sections, carousels, alerts, and more without writing a single line of JavaScript code
  • Techniques for customizing Bootstrap to make your site look and behave exactly how you want

To fully cover all of these areas would take much more than one hour, but at the end of this webinar you'll have a solid orientation and be able to dive in further on your own. The webinar will show where to find examples and documentation, and how to get started experimenting with Bootstrap.

Note: the information in this webinar can be applied no matter what CMS you use.