Building Responsive Sites with the Webvanta Cloud CMS

  • Topic:  Building Responsive Sites with the Webvanta Cloud CMS
  • Recorded:  January 21, 2014
  • Length:  1 hour
  • Cost:  Free
  • Presented by:  Michael Slater and Charity Grace Kirk
  • Who should attend:  Front-end developers, designer/developers

We don't have any scheduled dates for this webinar right now, but you can watch the recording any time.

In last month's introduction to Twitter Bootstrap webinar, we showed how the Bootstrap HTML/CSS/JavaScript framework provides an outstanding starting point for building a custom website. This month, Webvanta CEO Michael Slater and senior developer Charity Grace Kirk will start from scratch and build a custom, responsive site using the Webvanta Cloud CMS's Bootstrap-based SmartTheme.

Topics we'll cover in this free, 1-hour session include:

  • A quick review of Bootstrap basics (we'll assume you watched last month's intro to Bootstrap webinar, or have equivalent knowledge of Bootstrap)
  • Creating multi-column layouts with Bootstrap using Webvanta's template system
  • Demonstrating how to optimize for tablets and phones
  • Building custom content structures (custom databases)
  • Restyling the site from the starting SmartTheme

After watching this webinar, you'll be able to start experimenting with a hosted site within minutes, with all the power of Bootstrap, jQuery, and the Webvanta CMS.