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Success Story: Inspira Digital

CMS Enables More Complex Sites — Faster and More Profitably

“ We’ve cut our development time by about a third. Not only has this made us more competitive but also more profitable.”

— Luke Green, Director, Inspira Digital

Simplifying the Web

Inspira Digital, a full-service web design firm, has a simple mantra, “making sense of the web for your business.” That means harnessing all the power and complexity of the web for business with online solutions that are simple to use but also fully featured, powerful business tools.

“We want to weed out things that make the web too technical for our customers,” said Luke Green, director. “If it’s easy for customers to update their content, then they are inclined to keep it more current, and get more value from their sites.”

Database Sites – Without the Configuration Hassle

Inspira’s search for a web content management solution focused on a number of key areas. It had to be easy for customers to use, and have the technical breadth to empower the firm to deliver more effectively and efficiently for its clients.

Webvanta emerged as a perfect fit and has become the first choice web platform for many Inspira Digital clients. The software-as-a-service content management system (CMS) enables web designers to build dynamic, database-driven websites easily and quickly.

Inspira Digital chose Webvanta primarily for its quick deployment, step-by-step approach to building sites and customer-friendly features like “in-place editing.” In-place editing allows customers to edit text right on the page, so they immediately see how changes look.

For Inspira Digital’s web projects, Webvanta offers a dramatically simplified form-based approach to building complex sites. Webvanta also builds in significant efficiency in site creation by taking much of the configuration hassle out of the equation – leaving Inspira Digital to concentrate on great project delivery and design.

“Webvanta allows us to take ownership of the delivery of a site without the need for technical knowledge of databases,” Green said. “Webvanta takes care of many of the background hassles of setting up a website - allowing us to concentrate on the things that matter to our clients.”

When Inspira Digital has questions about the service, the firm has found Webvanta team members respond rapidly and always get the needed answers.

“We can head into a project with confidence that, should we require help, the Webvanta guys are behind us,” Green said.

Faster Deployment, Higher Quality Results

Using the Webvanta service, Inspira has been able to provide customers a simple-to-use content management system that they have embraced.

“Our clients seem to be very happy – especially after finding they can edit and change their site confidently,” Green said.

Additionally, Webvanta gives the firm greater quality control, Green notes. “Because we can bring many of our database-driven sites into our core team, we now have more control over the direction of projects and consequently the quality control. We can be absolutely sure we’re delivering the best product to the client.”

“We’ve cut about a third off our development time. We’re more efficient and responsive, and more profitable when delivering websites using Webvanta,” Green adds. “We aim to deliver a product that clients love. Webvanta’s flexibility, ease of use and efficiency are big part of that process.”


Inspira Digital is a full-service web development firm owned and operated by Luke Green and Mike Harding. It provides web services for both UK-based and International clients. For more information, visit www.inspiradigital.co.uk.


Webvanta simplifies creation of database-driven sites for Inspira Digital and makes it easier for the firm and its clients to maintain their sites.


  • Inspira reduces the time to create sites by one third.
  • By eliminating the need for outside resources, the company has improved project profitability.
  • Clients embraced the simple-to-use CMS solution.

Sample Webvanta Sites: