WYSIWYG Editing on Pages with Webvanta Script

Just wondering if it's in your plans or if it's even a possibility to support WYSIWYG editing on pages with Webvanta Script.  

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    Michael Slater

    No, we don't have any near-term plans to support this. It's a really sticky problem, since the wysiwyg editor is third-party code that doesn't have any idea what to do with WebvantaScript. It also is potentially confusing, in that if you showed the output from the WebvantaScript, it wouldn't make any sense to try to edit that directly, since it is showing the output of database operations.

    We sometimes divide a page area into multiple content regions, so the static content is in one region (or several regions), which remains editable in wysiwyg, while the WebvantaScript code is in its own region.

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