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Hey guys, I have two requests relating to using images in pages:

When editing a page in the editor, you have the option to upload images from the image dialog box - a nice feature - but it always places the image in the root directory. This makes for a messy root directory in short order. So I won't allow our users to use this feature. How about adding a path option?

When an image is inserted, the path for the image is relative to the root - in other words there is not a full URL to the image. This is fine when the page is viewed on the site, but if it is syndicated, through an RSS feed, the URL is incomplete, and the image either does not show at all, or shows as a broken link. So, how about another addition the image dialog box to select a complete URL? Otherwise we need to remember to go in and add the full URL for every image (it doesn't always happen, as you can imagine.)


- Jim

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    Michael Slater


    Thanks for the suggestions.

    There actually is a way to upload images to a particular folder from the editor, but it's less than obvious:

    1. Instead of clicking on the Upload tab in the image dialog, click on the Browse Server button.

    2. You'll now get a new window that allows you to choose a folder, or to create a new folder.

    3. At the very bottom of that window is a field with the label "Upload a new file in this folder". Click the Browse button next to that field to choose an image to upload.

    The full URL question is a good one, I'll put that in as a feature request.



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    jim merrick

    Thanks for the quick reply Michael. I am embarrassed that I didn't see the upload button in the "browse server" dialog box. no I have no excuse for our messy root folder!



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